To Whom it may Interest,

Because our family have lived in many places in the USA and internationally, we have experienced more than a few dentists. Most were acceptable or even good but until we met Doctor B. J. Sams, we never had the feeling that a skilled craftsman was working on our teeth. Combining knowledge with dexterity is what a great dentist is all about. Dr Sams is the best dentist with the best hands we have known. We feel lucky to have found him! Thank you Dr Sams.

Warm Regards,

John Flaskamper, Punta Gorda, Florida
As a retired physician who recently moved to Fort Myers, I was referred to Dr. Sams by a local physician when I had a dental emergency. I was impressed with Dr. Sams’ competence and professionalism and also with his friendly and welcoming personality. His office staff are also very helpful and pleasant and the appointments times are accurate with little time spent in the waiting room. My wife and I are now regular patients of Dr. Sams’ office and are confident that we are getting excellent dental care.
Bill A., Fort Myers, Florida